Protect Your Vehicle’s Interior From the Summer Sun

Protect Your Vehicle's Interior From the Summer Sun

You feel the affects of the sun on your skin during the hot summer. Those same summer rays can negatively affect not only the outside of your car, but the vehicle’s inside as well. No one enjoys getting into their vehicle on a hot summer day. This is especially true when you try to get in the car, but you barely can touch the seat with the back of your legs in your summer shorts. Or maybe you keep tapping on the steering wheel, waiting for it to cool down. Thankfully, there are ways to safeguard the cabin of your model to keep it cool and protected. Here are some tips from State Farm on how to protect your vehicle’s interior from the summer sun.

Park in a Shaded Spot

Just like you feel a reprieve when you seek shelter from the sun, so does your vehicle. When possible, try to park in a shaded spot. Whether it is in a covered parking garage downtown or a by a tree, that shade will help keep your windshield from receiving direct sunlight. That direct sunlight in turn could cause your dash to dry and crack. Prevent this by finding shade.

Use a Windshield Visor

While you may try to seek shade, there will be some places that simply do not offer any. This is why you should invest in a windshield visor. These windshield visors will protect your dashboard and interior from getting to hot. A visor serves as double protection as it also helps people from seeing what is inside your vehicle.

Get Seat Covers

Whether you have fabric or leather upholstery, the seats in your car, truck, or SUV can become worn over time from the sun and other factors. Do yourself and your seats a favor by getting seat covers for your car. Not only will the seat covers protect your seats, they will help keep them cool as well.

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Condition Your Leather Seats

While on the subject of car seats, you may also want to consider purchasing a quality conditioner specifically for the leather seats of your vehicle. Just as the heat and the sun’s rays can negatively affect your skin without proper skincare like sunblock, the same thing can happen to your leather seats without proper care. Keep your leather seats from getting cracks and tears by regularly cleaning your seats and applying a leather conditioner to the seating.

As a side note, it should also be mentioned that regularly cleaning the interior of your car also helps keep the dash, seating, and other parts from getting scratched. While not a result from the sun, dust as well as dirt left unchecked in your car can develop small scratches to your interior. These can grow over time. Be mindful then to keep your car clean all year long, including the summer.

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