Backyard Football Fun For Your Family

Father and son playing backyard football

Some people want to play backyard football just to have fun. On the other hand, some people are fiercely competitive. With so many styles of play, how can you make backyard football fun for the whole family? Explore these tips.

Make Even Teams

Before you start playing, make sure that the teams are even. This doesn’t just apply to the number of people. It should also apply to the age or skill of players. Of course, if everyone agrees to make things uneven, then go for it. For example, a kids versus adults game can be fun at times.

Get Festive

Just because you don’t have official teams, that doesn’t mean you can’t get festive. Instead, make backyard football more fun with “uniforms.” For example, have each team wear T-shirts of a different color. Or, if someone doesn’t want to play, ask if they want to be a cheerleader instead.

Agree on Relaxed Rules

Also, take the time to agree on rules before you start playing. Firstly, decide if you are playing tackle football. Assuming you don’t have protective gear, consider two-hand touch instead, or you can try flag football. In other words, pick any rules you want, as long as everyone agrees on them.

Choose Fair End Zones

As you plan, do your best to make things fair. To start, clearly define the end zones. If you don’t have fences or other boundaries, you can get creative. For example, you can use lawn chairs or cones to mark the end zone.

Skip Field Goals

If you play football in your backyard, you probably want to eliminate field goals. First of all, you don’t have goalposts to aim for. On top of that, you don’t want to have to keep chasing the ball off of your property. More importantly, you don’t want to annoy neighbors with balls flying to their property.

Consider a Shorter Game

Your backyard football game doesn’t have to be as long as the real thing. In fact, it’s better to keep things short. This is especially true with small kids. For example, instead of playing for an hour, do a half-hour.

Encourage Kids to Coach

Backyard football is a chance to get your kids interested in sports. As such, give them some responsibilities. Specifically, let them coach and plan plays. You can even give them subtle tips to help them hone their skills.

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Make Awards

To encourage everyone to have fun, consider giving out awards or certificates. You can even make homemade trophies.

With the right planning, backyard football is a great way to entertain the whole family.

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