Does Your Battery Need Replacing?

Hands of a mechanic working on a car batteryIt could happen to anyone. You’re getting into your car with plans for the day ahead only to realize that your car won’t start. Quite often, the culprit is a dead battery, and whatever plans you had made now have to be put on hold as you call up someone for help. Before you ever have to reach for the jumper cables, you can take precautions to make sure your battery is in reliable shape. Don’t be surprised by a bad battery–look out for the common warning signs.

Warning Signs Your Car Battery is Going Bad

Before your car battery dies, it will likely show some warning signs that something’s not right. First, you might see the “check engine” light shine on your dashboard, but there are several other indicators that your battery is no longer functioning as intended. As it wears out, your battery might take longer to charge the starter, taking more time for the engine to crank at startup. You could also find that the electric components in your car aren’t functioning well, or that the lights are dim. When you open the hood, you might see that the battery case is warped, or that corrosion has formed on the connectors. You may even detect a bad odor coming up from the battery.

What Factors Affect Car Battery Life?

Even though batteries are designed to last for several years, there are some important factors that can impact the lifespan of your battery. Corrosion and contamination, a faulty charging system, and extreme temperatures caused by the local climate can all shorten its life and impact its performance. Even your own driving habits can factor into your battery’s longevity. While all batteries go bad eventually, you can take care of yours by cleaning out corrosion, making sure your electronics are off when you exit the vehicle, and testing your battery’s charge on occasion.

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If you notice any of the common warning signs, don’t hesitate to schedule a service appointment with our auto shop in Fort Walton Beach for an efficient, affordable replacement.

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