Get The Best Gulf Seafood Shipped To Your Door

Shrimp on frying pan.

What’s the best part about a beach vacation? If you answered seafood, we couldn’t agree more. Although, you don’t have to travel to the beach for a catch of a meal. Whether you are unable to leave home, or you find yourself moving to an area without fresh seafood options, Harbor Docks is here to help. Enjoy fresh fish delivered straight to your front door when ordering from Harbor Docks.

Harbor Docks History

The company Harbor Docks started in small-town Destin during the year 1979. As the small town grew over the years, Harbor Docks did too. In 2019, Gulf To Table was created. This system was made for families who miss the gulf waters’ food or simply can’t travel to the area. Harbor Docks has been providing fresh seafood to independent restaurants and even fish markets in NYC and Canada for years now. There are over 100 vessels along the panhandle that work day and night to catch the freshest fish.

Menu Options

Fish Fillets: Red Snapper, Amberjack, Red Grouper,  Mahi Mahi, Ahi Yellowfin Tuna Shushi, Yellowfin Ahi Tuna for searing, and Mullet fillets.

Shrimp/Shellfish/Crab: Shrimp tails, Crawfish, Stone Crab Claws.

Whole Fish: Red Snapper and Mullet

Cheeks and Throat: Grouper cheeks, Red Snapper throats, Grouper throats

Shipping Policies

FedEx two-day shipping is available Monday through Wednesday. If you place your order on Wednesday after 2:00 pm CTS, the order will ship the next Monday. Also, overnight shipping is available Monday through Thursday. If you place your order Thursday after 2:00 pm CTS, the order will be shipped the next Monday. The seafood will be packed either fresh or frozen and placed in a reusable Styrofoam cooler with ice, as well as packed for protection.

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Certified Restaurants

Harbor Docks has worked hard over the years to make sure family and locally-owned restaurants are receiving and eating the freshest seafood. Take a look at the list of restaurants that are certified to get the Gulf to Table fresh seafood almost daily.

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