Don’t Forget These Spring Break Essentials

The spring semester is well underway, and you need a break. Thankfully, March brings students that wonderful week of vacation known as Spring Break. While you and your friends certainly have a great trip planned to the beach or the lake, there may be a few essentials items that you forget to pack in your bag. Use this packing list to help you pack well for your upcoming Spring Break trip.


You certainly will have packed your swim suit and sunglasses for your trip to the beach or lake, however, there is something else you need to wear when in the water: sunscreen. While you definitely don’t want to look like a salmon in all your pictures, sunscreen can help prevent sun damage as well as skin cancer. Take care to apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day and week of your trip.


When you are out in the sun all day during Spring Break, you can easily become dehydrated. Be sure to pack plenty of water for your trip. A good tip is to freeze your water bottles as well as have ice in your cooler. This will help keep the water nice and cool throughout the day.


If you are a co-ed and planning a Spring Break trip to the beach, you may think about all the fun things to bring with you like your portable speaker, but forget some important items that you will need as you sunbathe on the beach. Aside from sunscreen and water, you will want to pack some snacks. As you are playing in the water, tossing the frisbee, hitting the volleyball around, and getting a tan, you are burning energy. You will want to resupply your energy levels with food. Think of fruit, beef jerky, string cheese, or pretzel sticks.

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Disposable Camera

When you are at the beach or lake, you want to capture all the memories. These days everyone has a camera on their iPhone or Android, but the elements of the lake or beach may not be ideal for you to use your cell phones. This is where a disposable camera comes into play. You do not have to worry about sand messing up the camera, and if you purchase a waterproof disposable camera, then need not fear about your camera getting messed up around the ocean or lake either. Thankfully, a disposable camera is pretty inexpensive, so buy a disposable camera to capture all the memories from your Spring Break trip.

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