Grab A Bite From Burrito Del Sol

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Tired of date night consisting of the same steak and potato joints? If you are craving a dish with a little more spice, then head to Burrito del Sol Coastal Mexican Grill in downtown Fort Walton Beach, Florida. With a variety of cuisine styles, including southwest, Baja, and chipotle, you are certain to find an entrée that gives you that little kick you have been looking for at dinner time. Stop by this family-owned restaurant tonight.

Build Your Plate

At Burrito Del Sol, you may not be the chef, but you certainly are the creator of your dish. Order your food the way you want from the tortilla to your choice of style in just a couple of steps to create something special for you.

Step 1. Your choice of tortilla – Are you a fan of burritos? Then opt for a 12-inch flour tortilla that is topped with rice, black beans, and your choice of protein. Maybe you enjoy something a little lighter. Try the tacos, which offers patrons three corn or softshell flour tacos with your choice of meat. If you are feeling snacky, then you could select the nachos that provides you with a basket of tortilla chips that have been topped with your protein choice and queso.

Step 2. Your protein choice – The meat selection at Burrito del Sol is amazing as the restaurant serves chicken and steak that have roasted slowly for around seven hours. Along with steak or chicken, diners can choose ground beef, tempeh, grilled fish, or grilled shrimp. Both the fish and shrimp can be blackened upon request.

Step 3. Your style choice – This is where the dish truly comes to life. Burrito del Sol can prepare your taco salad, burrito, quesadilla, tacos, or nachos in a variety of flavors or cooking styles. Looking for coastal flair? Opt for the Baja style that comes with red cabbage, pineapple salsa, Baja sauce, Monterey cheese, cilantro, and lime. Wanting a dish with a little heat? The order your dish in the Chipotle style that comes with red salsa, chipotle sauce, red cabbage, Monterey cheese, and fresh lime. The other styles that the Mexican grill has to offer are BBQ and South West. The Baja sauce, chipotle sauce, pineapple salsa, and red salsa are all homemade and made fresh every day.

Step 4. Modifiers & Extras – This is where you can take your entrée one step above by adding queso on the inside, by pressing your burrito, or by making your dish ‘fat’. While the main course is the star of the show, your meal would not be quite complete without a little extra. You can order chips and fresh salsa, homemade guacamole, queso, or a side of rice or black beans.

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Come Dine at Burrito del Sol

Forgo the same old hamburger place or meat and three restaurant tonight. For a delicious meal full of spice and flavor, visit Burrito del Sol Coastal Mexican Grill. You will leave feeling completely satisfied.

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