Patriotic Crafts For Kids

child drawing a flag on a fourth of July craft

During the summer months, finding ways to fill up your kid’s day with fun activities is a full-time job. However, late June and early July have the perfect focal point for all of your activities — the Fourth of July. Throughout the next week, you can do lots of fun, patriotic crafts with your kids and use the finished products as toys or Fourth of July decorations. These red, white, and blue crafts are great for any patriotic holiday, so you can reuse this list of patriotic crafts throughout the year. Here are a few great ideas for crafts to do this week.

Homemade Sparkling Red, White, and Blue Slime

If your little one has been bored lately, this project will give them something to do and provide them with a source of entertainment afterward. They’ll love the tactile experience of playing with the colorful and sticky slime once the project is complete. You can follow the step-by-step instructions on the Mom Dot blog here. If you like this craft, the creator has several other color schemes that you can try as well.

Independence Day Bingo Game Card

Another craft that will give your little one something fun and engaging to do is this super simple bingo game card craft. All you need for this craft is cardstock paper, a bowl, and safety scissors. This is one of the easiest projects to complete, but if you have especially young children, you may need to handle cutting up all of the pieces. If you let your older kids help, remember to use safety scissors and teach them how to handle them properly. Head over to the Crazy Little Projects blog to print out your game cards and get started.

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Patriotic Sensory Bin for Toddlers

In addition to just being plain ole fun, sensory bins provide a lot of benefits for toddlers and younger kids. They stimulate multiple senses at once, help develop fine motor skills and provide children with a calming activity to do. This sensory bin was created by Paper and Glue and uses colorful, dyed pasta. You can follow the guide here to create the base for the box then add a selection of other goodies you think your kids will like.

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