Pop-Up Beach Tents For Your Little Ones

baby girl playing at summer beach

If you have little ones, don’t let that keep you from enjoying a well-deserved beach vacation. Did you know infants under the age of six months shouldn’t be in direct sunlight at all? And if you have toddlers, their sun time should be strictly monitored? With the help of these popular pop-up beach tents, you can sink your toes in the sand and have your eyes and ears set on the ocean, all while keeping your little one safe. Pop open your laptop and start planning the ultimate family beach vacation after you order one of these kid-approved tents.

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup

Setting up and packing up is a breeze with the Pacific Breeze Easy Setup. Spend more time catching waves and soaking in the sun with this tent. Not only are the materials waterproof, but they are stable, as there are fillable sandbags included keeping your child safe and covered, even on the windiest days.

Bend River Pop Up Baby Beach Tent

Children are usually reluctant to play in the sand, as it fills their diaper with a grimy mess, and they don’t like feeling “dirty.” Instead, little ones prefer to be poolside. Although, as parents, you know you can enjoy the pool at home, so you would prefer to spend your vacation days with your toes in the sand. With the Bend River Pop Up Baby Beach Tent, your child can enjoy the pool atmosphere on the beach, as it includes a built-in mini pool.

Ultralight Sun Shelter

Let’s be honest, the worst part about going to the beach is lugging heavy equipment down to the sand. The Ultralight Sun Shelter couldn’t be simpler to transport, and with UPF50+, your child is sure to be protected from the sun. It won’t be long before your little guy or girl is catching Z’s in this little bungalow.

Pop-Up 4 Person Tent

Twins are double the fun and double the expense. Instead of buying two separate tents, the Pop-Up 4 Person Tent can hold both of your bundles of love. Also, with two little ones, it’s no secret you have your hands full, which is why the Pop-Up collapses into a small carrying bag.

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