Prepare For A Successful New Year

New Year 2023 painted on a highway

New Year’s is only a few days away. Are you ready for 2023? Studies show that most people make a resolution every year, but very few people see them through. If you’ve struggled to keep your resolution in the past, taking these steps to prepare for the new year might help.

Create A Vision Board

One of the problems many people have when they plan for the year is setting abstract and vague goals that are hard to visualize. One popular strategy to circumvent that problem is to create SMART goals. Another way to ensure your goals are well defined is to create a vision board. Find an image or symbol that accurately represents your goals. For instance, if one of your goals for the upcoming year is to spend more time with your family, find an image of a family having dinner together and paste it to your vision board. When you’re vision board is complete, don’t hide it away. Put it on display somewhere you will see it daily so that you will be reminded to work toward your goals every day.

Make A Family or Personal Budget

Creating better financial habits is a common resolution, but without proper planning, most people fall back into negative spending habits within a few months. To have a successful financial year, set aside time to create a budget for yourself and/or your family. Think of your budget as your roadmap to financial success in the coming year.

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Set Check-In Points

How many times did you think about your resolution this past July? Chances are the answer to that question is zero. Even though most people keep their resolution top of mind at the beginning of the year, by March the goals they set aren’t a priority anymore. To keep your goals on the top of your priority list, setup check-ins throughout the year. Plan to reassess your goals monthly or quarterly to make sure you’re on track. Don’t just plan your check-ins. Go the extra mile to ensure you don’t miss them. Set calendar reminders to keep yourself accountable.

Use these tools and strategies to have a wonderful year but make sure to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished in the past year as well. Have a happy New Year!

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