Keep The Sand At The Beach And Not In Your Car With These Tips

sandy toes outside a car at the beach

The sand on breezy beaches and pristine dunes might look gorgeous by the water, but it’s a different story when you find it in your seats and floorboards. Nobody wants to track sand into their car. It’s coarse and rough, and it gets everywhere. It may seem difficult to avoid, but you don’t have to bring all that grainy mess back with you after a day at the beach. Try these tips to keep your car sand-free.

Plan Ahead

You can take some precautions to protect your interior from sand before you even leave your driveway. Take some large towels or even old sheets and fit them over your seating and floorboards. When you inevitably track some sand into the cabin, it will land on the towels instead of getting down in the fibers and grooves of your upholstery. Then, all you’ll have to do is carefully remove the towels and give them a good shake outside. Remember to pack a plastic bag as well, so that you’ll have something to carry sandy items like beach towels and shoes in.

Wash and Rinse

When it’s time to head back to your car, take a dip in the water first. Even if you’ve stayed on a towel during your time in the sun, sand can still kick up with the wind and get on your skin, and a good plunge in the surf should help wash it all away. Most beaches should have a rinsing station near the parking lot as well, so take advantage of both the high and low faucets to rinse any sand that might have caught a ride on you on the walk back. You could even store a jug of water in your vehicle for one more foot rinse before hopping in.

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