Keep Busy With A Sea Glass Art Project

woman making jewelry

Sea glass is the perfect art supply to keep you busy and make beautiful art. The uniqueness of each piece will bring an assorted color and look to any art piece you choose to make. Known for its soft blues and greens, sea glass is a beautiful addition to any home. In fact, one of the most popular forms of sea glass is crafted into jewelry, but do not let that limit you to all the artsy possibilities of these sea glass projects.

Sea Glass Chandelier

Brightening up any room doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, this sea glass chandelier is the perfect project to give any room an eye-catching, pop of subtle color. If you want to give the room a beachy feel, you can always choose white and brown accents to tie the island theme together.

Mini Sea Glass Planter

Your plants deserve a new planter that dances with color. With this simple sea glass planter project, you can add a beautiful new planter to your desk, windowsill, or porch.

Sea Glass Table Décor

It is amazing how just a bit of table décor can make a room pop. There are many different pieces of table décor you can make with sea glass. Mixing colors is a terrific way to spice up your project. A polystyrene ball, glue, and the sea glass of your choice are all you need for the perfect centerpiece.

Sea Glass Suncatcher

Suncatchers are a popular art project with sea glass. The assortment of colors caught in the sun creates an array of colors through your windows. All you need is some copper wire, sea glass, and a window with sunlight, and you will have a lovely piece of décor.

Frosted Multicolored Sea Glass Vase

Ordinarily, sea glass is usually blue, green, or white but with a bit of food coloring, you can make multiple other colors as well. This particular project doesn’t require any real sea glass. You can pick any vase of your choice and at the end of this art project, you will have a frosted colorful vase for a new piece of décor.

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Sea Glass Jewelry Pendants

Jewelry is an exceedingly popular art project when it comes to sea glass. All you need to create your new necklace pendants is some sea glass and copper wire. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity take over. You can even stack the glass pieces to create dimension.

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