Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home

Senior couple in their new home hanging a painting together

Have you found your home to be drab, cluttered, or uninspiring lately? You’re probably not the only one. We spend so much time focused on work, family, and muscling through everyday demands that keeping our home feeling lively just isn’t a priority. But with these simple tips, you can hit the refresh button and give your home environment a rejuvenating boost.

Revamp Your Color Palette

If there is a particular room in your home that you are unsatisfied with, changing the color palette can have a big impact. Colors can affect your mood. Greens create a feeling of balance. Blues have a calming effect. Yellows are sunny and cheerful. And red is a stimulating color that raises the heart rate. Consider how you want to feel when you enter the room and select a new color palette that will encourage those emotions.

Create A Vignette

When it comes to interior design, a vignette refers to a curated group of objects arranged artfully. Vignettes are placed on the surface of dressers, coffee tables, or end tables. They can be composed of any group of objects you choose— a stack of books and a candle, a group of potted plants, or just an arrangement of glass jars. Whatever you decide to craft your vignette out of, use the following tips to make it shine.

  • Stagger the items along the surface instead of in a straight line. This will create a feeling of depth.
  • Create visual interest by selecting items of varying heights.
  • Consider using a theme to bring the vignette together.

Add Some Greenery

Plants will elevate the mood in a room faster than anything else. Studies have shown that they can reduce stress levels, improve creativity, and even improve the air quality in your home. Add a potted plant to your home décor and see if you recognize any of these benefits.  Some great options for those that lack a green thumb are mother-in-law’s tongue, peace lily, a string of pearls, or a jade plant.

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Illuminate Your Space

Lighting can affect your mood in much the same way as color. If the room you would like to refresh is too dark or all the light comes from the ceiling, consider creating a lighting plan for the area. Just adding a few pendant lights can make a huge difference.

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