Soi Bistro Restaurant Brings Sushi to the Shore

Soi Bistro Sushi

For coastal dwellers, getting fresh, delicious seafood is nothing new. In fact, it’s a big part of what attracts so many tourists to our area. But it’s time to stop thinking about seafood as only fried and served with hushpuppies. Fort Walton Beach has a new spin on fish that will have you coming back again and again.

Soi Bistro Sushi Restaurant

Soi Bistro is one of Fort Walton Beach’s newest sushi destinations. This restaurant has earned rave reviews for its upbeat staff, trendy atmosphere, and delicious combination of sushi and Asian cuisine.

Along with its superb sushi offerings, Soi Bistro features an impressive selection of sake. This traditional Japanese liquor is usually served warm, but here you can try a cold shot and observe how differently it affects your palette.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t sound good at Soi Bistro. Some fan favorites include the Wonton Appetizer and the Yellowtail Sashimi. You can find other traditional rolls here, like the Spicy Tuna and California Rolls, but take a chance on the specialty sushi – you’ll be in for a treat. Names like the Cookie Monster, Drunken Tiger, and Kraken denote delicious concoctions of sauces, proteins, and vegetables.

Try a lunchtime special, with dishes starting at $11. The best part about these combos is that you can customize your meat and fillings and add extras like Squid Salad. All lunch items are served with miso soup or ginger salad as well.

Get your sushi fix any day of the week. Soi Bistro is open every day for lunch and dinner. But check the hours if you’re a late luncher; the restaurant closes between lunch and dinner.

Why Sushi?

The best way to describe Soi Bistro is “a city vibe with a hometown feel.” This is exactly what owner Ji Hoon Kim was seeking when he decided to open the restaurant. Kim recognized that there was a niche for a modern and unconventional experience to sushi here on the Emerald Coast. Most importantly, he wanted to break the mold and make quality and customer service priority.

“My mother once told me that food only has one language and speaks to everyone the same way,” Kim said. “I wanted to share my experiences and communicate my passion through food with this community.”

Sushi’s Health Benefits

Apart from being downright delicious, sushi offers quite a few health benefits that you won’t find in a fried dish. The seaweed, or nori in Japanese, is low in calories but high in vitamins A, B-6, and C. A 2011 study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry also found that seaweed can reduce blood pressure and improve heart health.

Fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna are often sushi staples, and they’re loaded with protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, omega-3 deficiency has been named the no. 6 cause of preventable death in America. So eat up!

Lastly, sushi is made with fresh vegetables, garnishes, and whole ingredients that make it a healthy alternative to greasy, no-green food. Just be gentle with the soy sauce – some varieties are loaded with sodium, and it can add up if you’re not careful.


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