Spring Cleaning Areas You Might Forget About

Vacuum Couch

With spring here, you might be tackling all sorts of chores, organizing closets, tidying up around the house, and much more. You have the whole house covered. Well, here are some spring cleaning areas you might forget about that need attention as well.

Cleaning Your Shower Curtain And Liner

You probably already clean your tub and shower from time to time, but that curtain and liner can get pretty nasty after a while. Many times your shower curtain can actually be cleaned in your laundry machine. Another option is to use white vinegar.

Vacuum Your Furniture

Your floors and rugs get a good cleaning on a regular basis, but your sofa and chairs need a vacuum from time to time, especially if you own a pet. And as a bonus, you may just end up finding some loose change, a missing remote control, or some other lost treasure.

Steam Clean Your Refrigerator

Okay, steam cleaning your refrigerator is actually plan B for this suggestion. The real tip is to empty everything, wash down the entire fridge, and then re-stock it. However, you may not have time for all that so, you know, there’s always plan B.

Wipe Down Behind Your TV

Have you ever looked behind your TV since you plugged it in? Yuck. It’s a dust magnet, and there’s no better time than spring to get back there and make sure it is spick and span.

Vacuuming And Washing Under Your Appliances

Just like your TV can collect dust, your refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances can get nasty underneath. When spring rolls around, pull them out and clean up the floor where they are.

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Replace The Batteries In Your Smoke Detector

This may be the most important tip here. You should replace the batteries in your smoke detectors at least every six months. Make sure your home has carbon monoxide detectors as well.

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