Students Can Get Special Discounts on New Cars and Insurance

Nissan Student Discounts DenisonStudents typically have a limited amount of money that they can dedicate to paying for car insurance or buying a car. That is why nearly every auto manufacturer and insurance company will offer some sort of discount to students. In some cases, this will only be college students, but there are also insurance discount programs for high school students. The programs can vary widely, but there are some important things to know about when looking for discounts.

Nissan Student Discounts

You will commonly find great auto discounts for either being a student or a recent graduate, and Nissan is no exception to this rule. Nissan recently started the College Grad Program aimed to give discounts to those who graduated within the past two years or will be graduating within the following six months. All you need is proof of your graduation, imminent graduation, or attendance at graduate school as well as auto insurance, approved credit, and employment that starts within 90 days and gives you enough income to make the car payments. With these things, college graduates who buy a Nissan are able to get the best rates, pre-negotiated pricing and incentives, and the option of deferring payment for 90 days.

Insurance Student Discounts

Most insurance companies offer student discounts only to those who qualify as “good students,” meaning they must meet some minimum GPA requirement. Depending on your insurance company, the good student discount may even continue for a few years after you graduate, meaning that doing well in school truly saves you money. Most of the time you can qualify for one of these discounts by being enrolled full-time in either college, university, or high school and getting a 3.0 grade average or being on the dean’s list. If you are going to college away from home, your family may be able to get a resident student discount. This lowers the insurance rate when the car in question is in another city or state, such as a family car, so you will only be driving it during breaks.

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