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Cut A Slice Of This Key Lime Pie

Cut A Slice Of This Key Lime Pie
After a long day out in the summer sun and spending hours in the water, you want a treat. While popsicles and ice cream are definite go-tos for the hot season, you craving something a little different. You can enjoy a treat that is not frozen, but still refreshingly sweet... [read more]

Homemade Ice Cream Without The Hassle

Bowl with scoops of vanilla ice cream
Trying to keep cool this summer? A cold dessert is a great way to chill out in this Florida heat, and making ice cream at home is easier than you might expect. Try this no-churn recipe for your own homemade ice cream. What You’ll Need Before you get started, you’ll have to... [read more]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At Aunt Edna’s Sweet Tooth

Various kinds of cookies arranged in a row.
Everyone has a sweet tooth, especially around the holidays! Many people love, cake, pies, custards, and puddings around the holidays, but you can’t forget about cookies. Aunt Edna’s Sweet Tooth focuses solely on cookies! Looking for a way to ensure Santa eats all the cookies? Set out some cookies from Aunt Edna’s!... [read more]

Drink Healthy at one of these Tropical Smoothie Locations

Tropical Smoothie in Fort Walton Beach
Next time you're craving a milkshake, opt for a smoothie instead. It's the cooler, skinnier cousin of the blended dessert family. What separates smoothies from other frozen treats is that they can be packed with fruits, micronutrients, and even vegetables. Fort Walton Beach has several Tropical Smoothie locations that make... [read more]