Which Nissan Is Right for You?

Nissan Fort Walton BeachWhen you are ready to shop for a new vehicle, the vast array of choices can be overwhelming. Not only are there dozens of makes, but there are also a plethora of models and trims from which to choose within the various makes. Choosing one that is right for you depends on what you need a new car for, what your driving lifestyle is, and what you expect or want from a car. Assuming you’ve narrowed your search down to Nissans, which Nissan model is right for you? Here are some things to consider.

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo

To begin with, you need to know whether you want a car, an SUV, or a pickup truck. Your choice here depends on your preference, your needs, and your budget. If you are a single or a couple, a car may be just right for you. If you have a family or do a lot of carpooling or transporting of friends or family, an SUV may be the best choice. If you need to haul stuff or want to pull a small trailer (either for utility or travel), then you’ll want to look at the various Nissan trucks.


Within each of the three major classes of Nissan — car, SUV, truck — there can be a wide range of prices. The amount of money you have to spend for a new vehicle will certainly be a factor in which one you choose. Between the low of $11,990 for the Versa and the high of $101,770 for the GT-R sports car, there are many other price points. The more options you add on, the higher the price goes so you can customize a vehicle and stick to your budget.

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The number of people that you regularly transport is another factor in choosing a new Nissan. From the small Versa that seats four to the NV Passenger that has room for twelve, there’s a Nissan to suit your needs.

The friendly folks at Lee Nissan in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, will be happy to help you decide which Nissan is just right for you. Come in and see all of the vehicles from which to choose.

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