See How You Can Help The Wounded Warrior Project

Family welcomes home a USA army soldier.

Memorial Day is only a week away. You might be planning to enjoy a cookout, spend time in a memorial park, visit a museum, or you may watch a Memorial Day parade. Another way that a lot of people choose to observe Memorial Day is to give back to our soldiers and their families through non-profit organizations. One organization that has done a lot for the veteran community is the Wounded Warrior Project. If you’re looking for a program to support this Memorial Day, check out the many ways that the Wounded Warrior Project helps U.S. veterans and how you can get involved.

Who are the Wounded Warriors

Wounded warriors are service members who have suffered a physical injury, mental injury, or illness due to their time in the service. The Wounded Warrior Project was founded by a group of veterans in 2003. Their mission is to help support these men and women on their journey to recovery. The program started as a grassroots movement and has since grown into a nationwide organization providing more than 20 programs and services to wounded warriors around the country.

Wounded Warrior Programs for Physical Injuries

Many soldiers return home from active duty with physical injuries that can be hard to live with. The Wounded Warrior Program provides many services that help veterans heal and adapt. They provide online educational resources, as well as the Independence Program. The Independence Program helps to provide home health services and physical therapy to soldiers who need it.

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Wounded Warrior Programs for Mental Injuries

One of the number one ways that the Wounded Warrior Project helps is by facilitating peer support groups. No matter what our veterans are living through, it can help to know that they are not alone and that others are healing alongside them. For warriors who are suffering from depression, PTSD, or other mental illnesses, the Wounded Warrior Project provides mental health treatment through four medical partners, a support hotline, and Project Odyssey. Project Odyssey is a free, 12-week, adventure-based mental health program designed to help warriors heal.

If you would like to get involved, you can help by donating to a program, raising funds, or raising awareness about the program on social media.

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