Stay Cool This Summer With These Air Conditioner Tips

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Climbing into a hot car after a day out running errands, sitting in a chilled office, or getting some exercise outdoors is downright uncomfortable. Use these five tips to cool your car down quickly this summer!

1. Don’t Pre-Cool

Though you can pre-heat your car in the winter, pre-cooling won’t get you very far in the summer. Your car’s AC actually works best when you’re driving because the faster the engine turns the faster the AC compressor runs, which cools your car down quicker. If your car’s interior is really toasty, crank up the fan and open the rear windows only to force hot air out of the cabin.

2. Use The Lowest Settings

Using the lowest temperature and fan settings makes the air conditioner more efficient and it won’t dry the air out as much. It will also help save some gas. How? Typical car AC systems are cooled very low, so setting the temp higher actually forces your system to re-heat the air, which takes more effort and uses more fuel.

3. Don’t Use The Recirculate Function

If you have passengers riding along in the backseat, don’t use the recirculation function. Though it will keep the front row nice and cool, it will pull air back through the system and make the back seats stale and hot.

4. Turn Off Start/Stop

If your car features a start/stop system, go ahead and turn this feature off. Though it saves fuel, it can keep the air conditioning compressor from running when the engine is shut off. Stop and go traffic or a long red light can take you from cool and breezy to hot and sweaty in minutes if the AC shuts off.

5. Make Sure Your Filter Is Clean

The next time you’re getting your oil changed, check to make sure the cabin air filter is clean. A dirty filter hinders air-flow and slows down the cooling process.

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Air Conditioning Service

If these tips don’t help, and your car’s AC is in need of repair, schedule an appointment today with Lee Nissan Fort Walton Beach.

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