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Make The Most Of The Remaining Summer

summer bucket list
Did your family make a summer bucket list this year? If so, how many items do you have yet to check off? If not, then what is it that you're hoping to squeeze in during these last few days before school starts back? Here are a few of our favorite... [read more]

Enjoy A Summertime Snow Cone

Close-up of red snow cone shave ice treat.
Who doesn't love cooling off from the heat with a cool treat? Snow cones are such a summer classic, and with this recipe, you don't even have to leave the air conditioning to enjoy one! With minimal ingredients and tools, you can make your very own snow cones right at... [read more]

Beach Chairs Worth Buying This Summer

Okaloosa fishing pier in Fort Walton Beach, Florida in Panhandle, Gulf of Mexico on summer sunny day, two empty beach recliner lounge chairs umbrella
Though the sand is a huge part of the appeal of a beach, it's not a practical surface to sit on for long periods of time. If you're looking for a beach chair that will help you stay off the ground and comfortable, try one of these! Stay Comfy & Shaded Beach... [read more]

Your Agenda Could Be Used For Way More!

Woman writing in planner
The calendar is about to flip a new page, and you're probably already starting to get antsy to begin checking boxes. Save money, check. Organize the closest, check. Cook at home more, check. But, have you considered how you want to go about tracking all of these things? Sure, checking... [read more]

Stay Cool This Summer With These Air Conditioner Tips

Casual woman driving a car on highway and looking into rear view mirror.
Climbing into a hot car after a day out running errands, sitting in a chilled office, or getting some exercise outdoors is downright uncomfortable. Use these five tips to cool your car down quickly this summer! 1. Don't Pre-Cool Though you can pre-heat your car in the winter, pre-cooling won't get you... [read more]

Spring Cleaning Car Hacks

Handwashing a red car with soap and sponge
It’s springtime and that means you might be doing a little cleaning here and there. Maybe the garage, the attic, and the porch? Well, don’t forget to throw in a thorough cleaning of your car, truck, van, or SUV.  We’ve teamed up with good folks at to provide you with... [read more]