Beach Chairs Worth Buying This Summer

Okaloosa fishing pier in Fort Walton Beach, Florida in Panhandle, Gulf of Mexico on summer sunny day, two empty beach recliner lounge chairs umbrella

Though the sand is a huge part of the appeal of a beach, it’s not a practical surface to sit on for long periods of time. If you’re looking for a beach chair that will help you stay off the ground and comfortable, try one of these!

Stay Comfy & Shaded

Beach chairs are meant to help you achieve some much-needed rest & relaxation, which means that they should provide as much comfort as possible. These options provide extra shade while you enjoy the view:

Backpack Chairs

You already have a lot to carry when you’re packing up to head to the beach, which is why backpack chairs are helpful beach accessories. You can wear your chair on your back and free up your hands to carry the umbrella and games.

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Recline In The Sunshine

What’s better than laying back in your favorite chair after a long week? Laying back in your favorite beach chair on Fort Walton Beach after a long week! These reclining beach chairs will help you sit back, relax, and kick your feet up when you’re on the sand.

  • Elaine Reclining Zero Gravity Chair – take the weight off your shoulders (and spine) with this zero-gravity reclining beach chair. The entire seat is padded and suspended in a lace-up position to provide sturdy comfort all day.

  • Ostrich Reclining Beach Chair – want to lay on your back and bask in the sun? Check. Want to flip over and read without sacrificing comfort? Check – the Ostrich 3-in-1 chair features a cut-out at the top designed to let you read on the beach without any awkward contortions or glare from the sun.

Will you be sporting one of these amazing beach chairs at Fort Walton Beach this summer?

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