How To Get The Best Price For Your Trade-In

When it’s time for you to trade in your car, you’ll want to do everything you can to get as much money as possible before you hand over the keys. Here are some tips for how to get the best price for your trade-in.

Do Your Homework

Do you know how much your car should be worth? Sources such as Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds can give you a rough idea. Enter the year, make, model, and the condition. This will give you a pretty good number in the ballpark of what you can expect.

Take Care Of Mechanical Problems

If your car has any mechanical issues, be sure and take care of those ahead of time. Minor repairs can be inexpensive, particularly fixing small dents or replacing lights that are out. Furthermore, if there are any recalls on your vehicle, you should be able to get those fixed free of charge.

Make Sure Your Car Looks Nice

They say curb appeal matters, and it’s true with your car, too. Make sure it is cleaned inside and out so that it looks its best.

Shop Around For The Best Trade-In Value

Get quotes from several different dealers to see who has the best offers and then make your decision. These figures will be very important when you consider the price of a new car.

Time Your Trade In

Interestingly, the time of year you trade in certain cars can have a big impact on the price. For instance, you may be able to get more for an all-wheel drive in the winter or early spring. Convertibles might sell better when the weather is warmer.

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Should You Trade If You Owe?

Maybe. If you owe more than your car is worth, it is probably best just to go ahead and hold off on trading in for a new car. Otherwise, it’s just a judgement call.

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