Tips For Planning For A Last-Minute Vacation

Young traveler planning vacation trip and searching information or booking hotel on laptop,

Sometimes, you plan vacations months or even a year in advance. Other times, you decide to go at the last minute. In the past, you might have spent a bundle on a last-minute trip. You can avoid that this time around with some money-saving tips for planning a last-minute vacation.

Choose a Credit Card for Booking

Start the planning process by choosing a credit card to use. Some credit cards have serious travel perks. For example, you might earn bonus points or cashback for travel-related purchases. If you have such a card, use it when booking your flight, securing your accommodations, and more. Then the credit card company will pay you to travel. Now, that’s the way to start a trip off on the right foot.

Be Savvy When Booking the Flight

Now that you have your credit card in hand, it’s time to look for flights. You can save a bundle on your airline tickets by shopping wisely. Use sites like Airfarewatchdog and The Flight Deal to find the best prices for flights.

What if you want a great deal but don’t have a destination in mind? If that’s the case, use the Fareness app to find deals for various destinations. You need to enter your travel date and length, and the app will connect you to amazing deals to various destinations.

Save Even More by Booking and Traveling on the Right Dates

These tools will help you save a ton of money. However, you can save even more by buying your tickets and traveling on specific days of the week. When it comes to traveling, you’ll enjoy the steepest discounts if you go on a Saturday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

As far as booking goes, you’ll enjoy the biggest discount if you buy your tickets on Tuesday or Sunday before you plan to leave. This is because airlines tend to drop prices on weekly fares on Sundays and Tuesdays so that you can get a fantastic deal.

Of course, if you aren’t planning to leave for a few weeks, you might not want to wait that long to buy your tickets. However, if you want to head out this week, this tip can help you save money.

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Secure Last-minute Deals for Accommodations

After you secure your plane tickets, you can find accommodations. One: Night and Hotel Tonight will help you find deals on last-minute hotel rooms. You can also use Airbnb to find a last-minute deal. Hosts often lower rates to fill up houses and rooms. Thus, if your trip is right around the corner, you can score a room for quite a bit less.

These tips will help you plan the ideal last-minute getaway for less. Then, you can take that extra money and use it to have even more fun on your vacation.

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