Make The Most Of The Remaining Summer

summer bucket list

Did your family make a summer bucket list this year? If so, how many items do you have yet to check off? If not, then what is it that you’re hoping to squeeze in during these last few days before school starts back? Here are a few of our favorite ideas for making the most of what’s left of summer break.

Get Wet

Whether it’s a trip to your neighborhood pool, a local water park, or a nearby body of water, plan a full day of aquatic adventure. Put on your swimsuit. Bring your favorite water toys. Pack a lunch. This isn’t a day for napping in the shade. Get out, get active, and have a blast in the water while there’s still time.

Be Kids Again

Many of us have such fond memories of summertime as a kid. It was all about the little things. We had water balloon fights, caught fireflies, roasted marshmallows, and enjoyed so many simple little pleasures. Try engaging your kids in some of the same innocent fun you enjoyed when you were their age. Tell them about “the good old days.” They may roll their eyes, but they may also be secretly enjoying it too.

Ditch the Screens

This one’s an especially good idea if your family hasn’t gotten to spend as much time together this summer as you’d hoped. Set aside an entire day (maybe even an entire weekend) for everyone to go screen free. Lock the phones up or put them somewhere out of sight. The focus of the day should be on enjoying each other. You may hear some complaints, but we promise it will be something your kids (and you) will remember.

Make a Scrapbook

Get the whole family together to recap your favorite moments from the summer. Compile your favorite photos and videos and make a scrapbook, movie, or slideshow highlighting all your summer adventures. You might be surprised at what some family members cared about the most.

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Make a List

While you’re reflecting on what was so great about the summer, it’s also a good time to start thinking about next year. What did you enjoy so much that you want a repeat? What’s the one thing you’ll definitely never do again? Have every family member write down one thing they want to do the following summer. Put them in a safe place and don’t peek until spring. It’ll be fun to see what everyone wrote down. It’ll also help with those things you didn’t get to cross off. There’s always next summer!


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