Meet the Designer Behind the 2016 Titan

2016 Titan Designer Denison

Diane Allen, Nissan Titan Designer

The 2016 Nissan Titan is ready to take the world on an exciting ride, and the designers aimed to make it capable, tough, and large. The head of the design team is Diane Allen from Detroit. She spent her whole life drawing, and after a little bit at Wayne State University, transferred to the College for Creative Studies, where she started working towards a specialization in automotive design. Her first job was with Nissan Design, and she has stayed with the company ever since, forming a tight bond and ensuring that she can accurately convey the manufacturer’s goals and ideas in her designs.

2016 Titan Designer

She Began with Trucks

Although Allen’s first project with Nissan was doing a small facelift on one of the many sedans, her first design leadership experience was the 1999 Frontier pickup. Since that first leadership role, she’s worked with every type of vehicle. However, trucks are special to her, making the most recent project, the 2016 Titan, a great chance to show off all the skills she’s picked up in the last three decades.

Main Considerations with the Titan

When designing the Titan, Allen aimed to create a capable and powerful full-size pickup that was unique to Nissan and expressed the manufacturer’s personality. One of the biggest challenges was the tow mirror with the 360-degree camera and puddle lamp, making it harder to create an aesthetically appealing appearance. She also led her team to work on aerodynamic elements of the Titan. Out of the entire truck, Allen said that she feels proudest about the front face, which was inspired by gladiators and other warriors.

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