Packing A Beach Picnic

Shot of a happy family having a relaxing day together at the beach

A beach vacation can be a real treat as you and your family or friends enjoy the rays and waves. You can easily spend hours at the beach, so you will want to bring some snacks. Being ill-prepared, however, is no day at the beach. Follow these tips from Florida Panhandle on what to pack for a great picnic at the beach.

Items You’ll Need for the Perfect Picnic

There are certain items that are standard to bring to the beach, and you will want these things as you set up for your beach picnic. You will need:

  • An Umbrella – Bring an umbrella or tent to create a cool, shady area for your beach site.
  • Large Blanket – A large blanket or tablecloth is more reliable for you and your friends to stretch out on with your picnic than towels that are smaller.
  • Cooler – You may not eat right away, so you need a cooler to keep all your food and drinks cool and fresh.
  • Cutting boards – This item may not seem like a typical beach accessory, but they are extremely sturdy and can keep your picnic dishes steady, so they don’t topple over into the sand. Plus, it is easier to place your food on a few cutting boards and share, rather than mess around with individual, flimsy paper plates.

Consider Which Foods You Are Going to Bring

The most important part of any picnic is the food! It is a good rule of thumb to prep your food as much as possible before arriving at the beach. This will save you time from fixing items while you are on the beach as well as help you pack fewer items like knives because you’ve already cut the food. Easy food to pack is veggies, fruit, pretzels, sandwiches, etc.

Try to avoid bringing any messy desserts that can melt quickly like ice cream, popsicles, and chocolate.  You will also want to steer clear of items that can spoil easily if they get hot such as fish, mayonnaise, meat, etc. Of course, if you have properly packed your cooler with ice packs, your food will stay fresh longer. Another way to keep your items cold is to freeze your water bottles. They will keep the food cold as well as the water, which will melt slowly throughout the day, so you have something refreshing to drink the whole time.

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Enjoy Your Beach Day Picnic

Pack your cooler, umbrella, and blanket and head to the beach today. Enjoy splashing through the waves and taking walks along the beach. When you are ready to grab a bite, your well-packed picnic will be ready for you.

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