Tips For Properly Washing Your Vehicle

Shot of a father and his daughter washing their car outside


Routine maintenance and care are essential for the longevity and appeal of your vehicle. One simple auto care measure you can take at home is to regularly wash your car. While washing a vehicle is pretty straightforward, you cannot get the job done simply by throwing a bucket of suds on the hood of your sedan, truck, or SUV and hosing it off. Consumer Reports has taken the time to offer fundamental car washing tips to bring that extra sparkle to your automobile.

Choose Your Car Products Carefully

The exterior of your car is a byproduct of the products you do or do not use on your vehicle. Experts advise drivers not to use general household cleaning solutions. Products such as hand or dish soap as well as glass cleaner are simply not developed to be used on a car’s paint job. These solutions could potentially strip off the protective wax. Clean your car with products specifically designed for car washing. A good rule of thumb is to also apply the car-wash product with a lamb’s-wool mitt or a soft sponge.

General Car-Washing Guidelines

Every driver should follow general car-washing guidelines for a smooth and stress-free process. You will gain a vehicle that sparkles when you adhere to these recommendations. These guidelines include not washing the car when it is hot, not moving your sponge in circles, and remembering to thoroughly rinse all surfaces.

How to Dry Your Car

Once you are done washing your car, don’t let your vehicle air dry nor expect a drive around the block to do the trick. Air drying or driving while your vehicle is still wet can leave streaks and watermarks, which is not pretty. To dry your vehicle, simply apply a terry towel or chamois by blotting the water. You could also use a soft squeegee to remove most of the water before finishing up with the towel.

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