It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas time seems to be the time where everyone craves certain smells. Maybe they bring back memories, or maybe you just want your house to smell good for the gathering you are hosting. Either way, Salty Scents Candle Co. has got your back.

What You’re Burning

It is so important to know what you are burning in your home. Different types of candles may smell incredibly good but are not always omitting the best chemicals into your home. Some of these chemicals being omitted can be dangerous for pets, babies, and children. Salty Scent Candle Company uses Natural Soy Wax in all of their candles to ensure you and your families safety when burning these throughout your home. There are also a lot of benefits to burning Soy Wax in your home such as it is, biodegradable and cleans up with soap and water, provides a clean, soot free burn, and it is completely non-toxic making it safe for your home and all the people and pets in it!

How They’re Made

Salty Scents Candle Company is a small business locally in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. All of the products they offer are hand poured at their small local shop located in Fort Walton Beach. Salty Scents Candle Company uses a strategic strategy to ensure quality and scent control with their candles. They pour in smaller batches to achieve this. In order to obtain their smells they use high quality fragrance oils and essential oils that are natural and give the candles their non-toxic and safe burning characteristic.

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Shop Small and Make an Impact

The best thing about Salty Scents Candle Company is they believe giving back is important. When you purchase a product from Salty Scents you are also helping local farmers and other small businesses. Salty Scents being a small business themselves realize the struggles of being a small business in such crucial times and strive to give back to the surrounding small businesses and farmers. Therefore, this Holiday, when you are looking for something to make your common area smell delightful, think of Salty Scents Candle Company and also help another small business at the same time.

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