Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At Aunt Edna’s Sweet Tooth

Various kinds of cookies arranged in a row.Everyone has a sweet tooth, especially around the holidays! Many people love, cake, pies, custards, and puddings around the holidays, but you can’t forget about cookies. Aunt Edna’s Sweet Tooth focuses solely on cookies! Looking for a way to ensure Santa eats all the cookies? Set out some cookies from Aunt Edna’s! Needing something quick and fresh to bring to a gathering but don’t have the time to whip up your personal recipe? Stop on in at Aunt Edna’s and let everyone gawk and drool over the cookies you brought.

About Aunt Edna’s

Aunt Edna’s is made up of three women who had the desire to start their own business. These ladies have two things in common – serving people and baking. They decided to put their love for these two things to work and start baking warm and fresh cookies for their community to enjoy and to help satisfy that sweet tooth we all have! Edna, Pamela, and Monica strive to create and perfect their cookies at all times. They are so thankful that their dream has become a reality and that they get to do something they love.

What They Do

Aunt Edna’s is unique because they provide fresh, made-to-order cookies for their customers. Therefore, your cookies are not sitting on a shelf, in a box, or on display for long periods of time. This ensures the quality taste that Aunt Edna’s Sweet Tooth LLC offers. If needed for an event or gathering, Aunt Edna’s can whip up a few dozens of cookies for you if given a 48-hour notice or more. If you aren’t the best baker, but you want to still have the experience of baking cookies at home, Aunt Edna’s Sweet Tooth also offers frozen cookie dough for you to bake at home and still get the taste of their bakery.

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Cookie Selection

Aunt Edna’s Sweet Tooth LLC offers all the classic flavors of cookies such as chocolate chip, sugar, and peanut butter. They also have a few specialty cookies they offer as well, such as S’mores, Snickerdoodle topped with bacon, and a Muddy Buddy cookie. In addition, Aunt Edna’s, unlike most places, offers a selection of vegan and gluten-free cookies if that is more your forte.

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