These Benefits Are Worth Changing Your Car Air Filter

Man replaces a dirty air filter for a new one in a car.

Does your car’s air filter need to be changed? This little part of vehicle maintenance can go under the radar for far too long. A lot of people have no idea that this one tiny detail actually has a whole list of benefits for your vehicle! Here are some fun facts about changing your car’s air filter that you probably didn’t know.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

It is pretty obvious that a clean air filter will improve airflow. Did you know that will allow your engine to better run properly? It reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Certain studies actually conclude that changing your car’s air filter will increase the fuel mileage on older vehicles by up to 14%.

Reduced Emissions

A clogged-up air filter can literally choke your vehicle’s engine. This affects the emission control systems, which can cause spark-plug problems. No one likes to see the “Service Engine Soon” light come on. Get your car’s air filter replaced regularly to avoid the issues it can cause.

Prolongs Engine Life

The air filter’s name is pretty self-explanatory to its purpose. It keeps dirt and debris from entering your engine. These particles, even small ones, can seriously harm or even kill your vehicle’s engine parts, such as the pistons and cylinders. Engine issues can be costly to fix or repair but replacing your air filter is not.

Quick and Easy Fix

Air filters are super inexpensive to replace, and it can be done by anyone! You don’t have to take your vehicle to a professional to have this done, as you can do it yourself at home. All you need to know is where it is located. You find the air filter, figure out what kind you need, purchase one at an auto parts store, and then, take it home to replace the old with the new.

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Easy To Keep Up With

Air filters should be changed about as often as your car’s oil is changed. The vehicle owner’s manual will have the exact mileage recommendation from the manufacturer for replacing your air filter. A new air filter will increase gas mileage, reduce emissions, and provide better airflow to your car’s engine. We highly recommend getting your air filter replaced regularly to ensure that you’re driving in the best quality vehicle!

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