Hacks To Keep Your Car Clean

Clean car
You want your vehicle to be a showpiece, but it’s hard to keep clean. It seems like you spend the better part of every weekend fighting with it, trying to make it shine like it did when it was new. You can get your car clean much faster by following... [read more]

Spend A Day At Grayton Brewpub

Grayton Brewpub
When you’re in the 30A area, there’s so much to see and do. What a fun place to spend time! It can be overwhelming to decide which places are worth it. One spot for food and drinks that definitely won’t disappoint you is Grayton Brewpub. Beer Open every day starting at 11... [read more]

Why Rotating Your Tires Is Important

Rotating tires
You’ve likely heard people talk about the importance of rotating your tires, but you might not be sold on the idea. Is it really that important to change the position of your tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles? It’s actually more important than you might think. Check out some reasons... [read more]

Visit The Air Force Armament Museum

Air Force Armament Museum
If your child is a fan of history and can’t read enough books, why not take them to the Air Force Armament Museum? Whether your child is interested in airplanes, history, or all things aircraft, they are certain to be amazed when they see all that the Air Force Armament... [read more]

Do You Know How To Check Your Tire Pressure?

Tire pressure
Low tire pressure can reduce your gas mileage and even put you at risk on the road. In fact, you can end up with a blowout if your tires don’t have enough air in them. That’s why it’s so important to check your tire pressure every month and before you... [read more]

Learn The Stories Behind The Songs At The 30A Songwriters Festival

30A Songwriters Festival
We all love music. Whether your favorite genre is pop, rock, or country, there’s plenty of variety in the world of music. In addition to this, there are countless artists we enjoy. Occasionally, our favorite artists will cross genres, giving us a taste of their country style, pop style, and... [read more]

Take Part In The Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge
What’s better than supporting a good cause? Having fun AND supporting a good cause at the same time! If you and your friends are in the mood to try something fun and exciting, be sure to take part in the Emerald Coast Green Line Polar Plunge 2019 event! The Polar Plunge If... [read more]

Why Is It Important To Change Your Oil Regularly?

The importance of regular oil changes can't be underestimated – but a lot of people do. You see, oil changes pop up so frequently on your car's maintenance schedule that people start to think it can't hurt to let just ONE slide. The problem comes when one becomes two, two... [read more]

Ring In The New Year At Countdown Seaside

Countdown Seaside
When it comes to celebrating holidays in Florida, residents just can’t seem to get away from the beach. Not that anyone minds, though. In fact, many people across the country would probably prefer to spend Christmas, New Year’s, the 4th of July, and even Valentine’s Day with a tropical, beach... [read more]

Haul More This Year With A Nissan Titan

Nissan Titan
If you are looking for a gift that will really dazzle the “do it yourselfer” in your life, then check out the full-size Nissan Titan pickup truck. You can haul all kinds of holiday gifts in the back of this “sleigh,” and come summer when the weather warms up, pack... [read more]