Why Do I Need To Change My Car’s Air Filter?

Car Air Fiilter

Keeping your vehicle running safely, efficiently, and reliably is as easy as keeping up with routine maintenance. And while that makes most people think about oil changes and tire rotations, there are other key considerations. Changing your car’s air filter regularly is more important than you might think. Read on to find out why.

Filter Facts

Your car’s air filter plays a crucial role in your vehicle’s “respiration.” The filter is responsible for cleaning the air that comes into the engine compartment, keeping out harmful debris that can damage your engine or even pose a safety risk.

The more you drive your car, the more clogged with dirt and debris the air filter becomes, and it’s important to change it out with a fresh one when it becomes too dirty to do its job effectively. While it varies, filters may need to be replaced between every 15,000 and 30,000 miles. You can get a more accurate idea of when you’ll need a new filter by checking your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Dirty Consequences

If you don’t keep up with routine filter changes as needed, several things may happen, none of them good for your car or your bank account.

  • Your engine will be forced to work harder to get enough clean air into the chamber. If particles get sucked through the filter, your engine or other internal components could sustain damage.
  • A dirty filter causes your car to consume more fuel than it would with a clean filter, so you’ll pay for it at the pump.
  • A clogged air filter can even affect your vehicle’s performance, inhibiting its power and weakening acceleration.

Skip the headache and the potential problems down the line by making sure your car is always operating with a clean air filter.

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