How To Charge Your Electric Nissan Vehicle

Electrical car or EV vehicles battery charger at charging station dock.

Buying an electric Nissan is great for the planet. But you need to know how to charge it, or you will quickly run out of battery power. Luckily, charging your electric Nissan is easy, and you can do it almost anywhere.

How to Use a Public Charging Station

When you are on the road, you will usually use a public charging station. To start, you need to download a mobile app or swipe your credit card.

Once you swipe or log in, you can just plug in your car. Specifically, open the charge port door,  grab the cable from the charging station, and plug it into the port. After you finish, put the cable back where it belongs.

Before you start charging your EV, though, confirm the station has the right connector.

A Refresher on Connectors

Because connectors are so important, here’s a refresher on the types you might have.  The CHAdeMO connector is on the Nissan LEAF. You can find the connector at every EVgo fast-charging station.

Combined charging system (CCS) connectors are incredibly popular. For instance, the new Nissan Ariya EV will feature it. This connector is easy to find as it is an industry standard.

Tesla connectors are proprietary and found only on Teslas. As such, you can’t charge your Nissan at a Tesla charging station.

How to Charge it at Home

At home, you don’t have to swipe anything or log in to an app. After all, you pay for electricity at home.

If you use a Level 1 charging port, the process is simple. It works with a standard 120-volt outlet with 3-pins. Keep in mind that this is the slowest charging option.

If you want faster charging, consider a Level 2 charging station. Firstly, you will have to hire a professional to install it. Once they do, you can quickly charge using a 240-volt outlet. Most Nissan EVs charge within 8 to 11.5 hours.

How to Charge It Without a Garage

Not everyone has a garage or a garage with an electrical port. If this is you, you still have options. Like you would with a garage, just plug the EV into an outlet. Before you do, however, make sure the outlet is weather-sealed and outdoor-rated.

If you live in an apartment, check with the property manager. For instance, many apartment buildings now offer charging areas in parking garages.

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Test-drive an Electric Nissan Today

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