Easy Halloween Desserts That Your Guests Will Love

Rustic Halloween treat table scene over a dark wood background. Top view. Variety of candied apples, cookies, candy and sweets.

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time for costumes, scary movies, and so many snacks! Put the “treat” into trick-or-treat this year with these creative and delicious homemade desserts. These recipes are sure to knock people’s socks off and have them coming back for more.

Candy Corn Bark

Create this recipe by using graham crackers, white chocolate, orange and yellow candy melts, and of course, candy corn! This candy bark will taste delicious and look fantastic!

Concession Stand Crackers

This sweet and salty snack will satisfy whatever appetite you have. Dip the corner of a saltine cracker in Nutella then sprinkle with your favorite Halloween sprinkles.

Sugar Cookie Eyeballs

After your sugar cookies cool down, cover the top of the cookie with melted white candy melt. Place a green M&M on top with a dot of black icing for a pupil.

Mummy Pretzels

It’s alive! Using a spoon, swirl some melted white candy on the top half of a pretzel stick. Place eyeballs on top to make it look like a mummy that has just been woken up.

Jack-O-Lantern Cake Pops

Dip your cake pops in orange icing. Using black icing, create a silly face, or a scary one. Add a tiny pretzel stick as a stem and pipe some leaves with green icing!

Frankenstein Rice Krispy Treat

Make Rice Krispy treats using green food coloring. Cut them into rectangular shapes and add a Frankenstein face! Pro tip: Marshmallows make great neck bolts!

Candy Spiderwebs

Create a spiderweb shape with pretzel sticks, white candy melts, and your favorite Halloween sprinkles! Create a spider with black icing to give it a creepy feel.

Ghost Popcorn Balls

Dip your usual popcorn balls in white icing or melted white candy melts. Add some silly sprinkle eyeballs or create your own using icing.

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Graveyard Dirt Cake

Using the dirt cake recipe you usually love, create a scary graveyard landscape on top by using candy tombstones. This recipe doubles as a tasty treat and tabletop décor!