Easy Organization Hacks To Try

Tin can holding colored pencils on a table outdoors

Life runs more smoothly in an organized, well-ordered home. But if you’re thinking you have to invest in dedicated shelving units and bins in order to corral your clutter, think again! There are plenty of simple hacks that can help you contain the mess and lower your stress at the same time. Check out these tips from The Spruce on clever, creative ways to get organized.

New Uses for Old Cans

If you’ve ever found yourself scrambling through junk drawers for a pen or pencil, a thumbtack or a paper clip, you understand the need for a better solution. A simple way to contain small, useful items like these is to use old tin cans. Thoroughly wash empty cans; then paint, embellish, or decoupage to give them new life and match your aesthetic. The applications are endless: You can use these cans to hold pens and pencils, makeup brushes, toothbrushes, or anything else that needs to remain organized and within easy reach.

Contain Your Cords

Somewhere in your home, you probably have a strategically placed piece of furniture behind which hides a hopeless tangle of electrical cords. You know each of the plugs is operating something, but you can’t tell where one cord ends and another begins. A simple solution will fix this problem. Clip a plastic bread tag around each cord that’s plugged into your surge protector. Label each tab with the device it’s powering, and you’ll never again have to use trial and error to figure out which plug goes to which appliance.

Straighten Up Your Cleaning Closet

If you have a utility closet where you store your cleaning supplies, it might need some sprucing up. Shoe organizers hung over the door and on the clothing rack can serve as handy slots to place spray bottles, dust cloths, rolls of paper towels, and containers of disinfecting wipes. And who knows? Having all the goods so close at hand might encourage other members of your household to tackle more cleaning projects!

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Repurpose an Old Pallet

You’ve probably seen lots of DIY ideas for using old wooden pallets. This one doesn’t require any special tools, tricks, or techniques at all. Simply lean the pallet against the wall of your garage or shed – adhere it there for stability – and use it to store upright garden tools. It’s the perfect holder for rakes, brooms, shovels, and other long-handled tools.