Fall For These Beach Activities

family enjoying the beach during the fall with a picnic

As the temperature starts to cool down and the weather starts to change, finding something for you and your family to do between seasons can be a little tricky. It is too chilly outside for swimming but it is too nice to stay indoors. Here is a list of some fun, beachy things to do on your next day off.

Plan a Picnic

Take advantage of the cooler weather by packing up your picnic basket and having lunch on the beach. Planning a picnic can be fun, but make it more interesting by including all of your favorite fall foods. For example, roasted squash, caramel apples, mac and cheese, and even soups will taste more delicious at the beach. Bring some extra blankets and end the day bundled up by the ocean to watch the sunset.

Paint the Scene

Capture the beauty of the ocean without having crowds of people in the way. All you need to do is pack up your brushes, your paint, and whatever you’re wanting to turn into a work of art! No matter your skill level, this is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy. If you are worried about making a mess, bring a small tarp or even a plastic table cloth to make clean-up super simple.

Build a Sandcastle

Playing in the sand never goes out of season! The sun is less intense so you don’t have to worry about it being too hot and burning little fingers. Challenge your friends and family to see who can make the best sandcastle. Pro-tip: grab some things you find on the beach like seashells and driftwood to make your sandcastle stand out.

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Revisit Your Favorite Games

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to stop playing all the beach games you love. You might even find it easier to bring on the heat while it’s not-so-hot outside. Whether it’s serving a beach volleyball, throwing around a frisbee, or tossing bags during a game of cornhole, this idea is especially fun for those who love a good competition!

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