Have Fun Under The Sun With These Games

Beautiful Family of Four Play Catch Toy Ball with Happy Golden Retriever Dog on the Backyard Lawn. Idyllic Family Has Fun with Loyal Pedigree Dog Outdoors in Summer House Backyard.

Let the outdoor games begin! It’s almost summertime and what’s more fun than having family or friends over for a game night? Outdoor style. Whether you want to have a cookout, graduation party, or just want to enjoy the weather, these games are sure to mix up your outdoor gathering. There will be something for everyone to play with.


If you haven’t heard of Spikeball, we’ve got your back. This outdoor game has gotten rave reviews in recent years. There are even full-blown tournaments for people who love this crazy, fun game. One of the many reasons Spikeball is a crowd favorite lawn game is because it is lightweight, easy to carry with you, and easy to set up. Families love how versatile the game is, as you can play with kids and adults of all ages. Whether you want to play on the grass, sand, or while camping, you can do it all with this game. Spikeball is four-square with a net.

Giant Checkers and Tic Tac Toe

Any game made in the giant form must have a little extra fun in it, right? Everyone loves these huge versions of classic games because they are a great way to teach new players how it works or just switch things up. The checkerboard is a larger rug that is machine washable, so there is nothing to worry about. You could even have a mini tournament while you’re waiting for dinner to be ready. The winner gets dibs on the food.

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Cornhole, like Spikeball, has become an outdoor gathering ‘must have’. People line up to play in teams of two. The boards may be a little heavier, but cornhole is also an easily transportable game. If you like to go tailgating, there is nothing better than a nice cold lemonade and a game of Cornhole. This game is great to take to the beach, camp, or have out at your family party. There are also lightweight cornhole sets you can buy if you plan on traveling regularly.

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