How To Season Your Grill

Smiling man seasoning meat on the grill

Everyone knows you need to season a new cast iron skillet when it’s first purchased, but did you know that you need to follow a similar method when you purchase a new grill? To ensure your first batch of grilled veggies and meat taste great, follow this guide to season your new grill.

Why You Should Season Your Grill

If you purchase a new grill, then excitedly test it out as soon as you get it home, you’ll probably notice an acrid taste to whatever you cook. Why? Because paraffin wax, steel shavings, and other byproducts of the manufacturing process are still on the grill. For the sake of your health, safety, and taste buds, you should remove all of those impurities before you start cooking. One way to do that is by seasoning the grill. It will burn away the manufacturing residue and sterilize your grill at the same time. Another reason to season your grill is to create a non-stick cooking surface that will make cleaning the grill a swift process in the future.

How to Season Your Grill

Seasoning your grill is simple, but it will take at least 45 minutes. So, make sure to get started long before you intend to cook with it for the first time.

  1. Start by washing your grates and thoroughly drying them. The high temperatures you’ll apply later will sterilize the grates, so you don’t have to use dish soap. Warm water will suffice.
  2. Use a basting brush to apply a high heat-resistant oil like vegetable oil to the grates. Make sure to adequately coat the entire grate.
  3. Next, add a coat of oil to the inside of the lid, pit, and emitters as well.
  4. Light the grill.
  5. Once the grill is very hot, close the lid and maintain the heat for 30-40 minutes. This will bake on the oil and effectively create a seal around the grates.

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How to Maintain Your Grill

Just like your car, your grill will need regular maintenance to continue performing at its best.  To keep your grill in top-notch condition, make sure to thoroughly clean your grates after each use. Then apply a new coat of oil while the grates are still warm. That way, your grill will be re-seasoned every time you warm it up.

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