No-Mess Meals To Try Out This Week

Bowl of chili with black beans and cornbread flat lay

Cooking for more than two can sometimes be a doozy. By the time you cook and clean, it might as well be bedtime! But, you could always shorten both the cook time and clean time by reducing your equipment down to just one pot. There are so many delicious meals that can come from one pot on the stove — here are just a few to try.

Chilli Con Carne

In our opinion, traditional chilli lacks a certain sweetness to it. That’s why we recommend this delicious new twist on chilli: Chilli Con Carne. It might be a little out there, but this dish includes sweetness from several ingredients including dark chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon, espresso powder, and polenta. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of spice that can be found in the ancho chillies, peppercorns, paprika, braising steak, garlic, and kidney beans. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Veggie-Packed Chicken Pot Pie

You’ve had traditional chicken pot pie, but we guarantee you’ve never had it quite like this before. Veggies like onions, mushrooms, and kale all sit below a flakey puff pastry lining so that with each spoonful you get a bite of crust and veggie. Crème fraîche gives the filling a rich and creamy texture. In 50 minutes you can have this unique dish on the table for your family to devour. Yum!

One-Pan Spaghetti

This recipe does way more than your average spaghetti recipe. Garlic, fennel, nduja, tomatoes, olives, olive oil, red wine vinegar, pecorino, and basil all create an explosion of flavor in this one pot. The main secret? Adding pasta water to the sauce to thicken and add flavor. You won’t believe how quickly the cleanup goes, too!

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