Why Is It Important To Change Your Oil Regularly?

The importance of regular oil changes can’t be underestimated – but a lot of people do. You see, oil changes pop up so frequently on your car’s maintenance schedule that people start to think it can’t hurt to let just ONE slide. The problem comes when one becomes two, two becomes five – until suddenly you’ve got engine trouble on your hands. And to think, it could have been prevented by a couple of low-cost, quick-and-easy oil changes. Wondering just how important oil changes are to the health of your vehicle? Read on.

Oil in a Day’s Work

If you think of your vehicle’s engine as its heart (which, essentially, it is), then you can consider the motor oil to be its lifeblood. In its overall function as engine protector, motor oil has a variety of roles to play. Here are some of its key tasks:

  • Lubricant. Keeping all the many moving parts of your car’s engine well-lubricated is important, as it helps prevent these components from excess wear and tear caused by parts grinding against each other. A fresh supply of high-quality motor oil keeps things smooth and fluid.
  • Coolant. Friction created by all of those moving engine parts causes heat, and an overheated engine is a danger to all. A healthy supply of motor oil helps keep your engine cool by reducing friction and preventing the accompanying heat.
  • Cleanser. Dirt particles and sludge buildup are two hazards to the health of your engine. Regular oil changes serve to clean the “gunk” by filtering out dirt and removing sludge left behind by old oil residue.
  • Efficiency booster. Believe it or not, skipping oil changes can negatively impact your gas mileage. Poor engine lubrication increases fuel consumption, so you can actually save money at the gas pump by keeping up with oil changes.

All of these things together can keep your vehicle running at its best for many miles to come. Routine maintenance – with oil changes leading the charge – is a great way to make sure your vehicle serves you well for as long as you drive it. When you weigh the small time and money investment of a simple oil change against the stress and expense of engine repair, the choice is easy.

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