Spring Cleaning Car Hacks

Handwashing a red car with soap and spongeIt’s springtime and that means you might be doing a little cleaning here and there. Maybe the garage, the attic, and the porch? Well, don’t forget to throw in a thorough cleaning of your car, truck, van, or SUV. 

We’ve teamed up with good folks at FamilyHandyman.com to provide you with the all the car cleaning hacks you could ever want:

  • Choose Your Suds Wisely Using that kitchen dishwashing liquid to clean your car is a big no-no. While it’s perfectly fine to remove the dust and grime, it’s also stripping valuable oils away from your vehicle’s paint finish. The pro tip here is to visit any local auto parts store and purchase a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for automobiles. 
  • Clay Is The Pro Way While the cleaning solution will remove any surface dirt, there will be grit that has lodged its way under the clear coat on the outside of your vehicle. This is where a clay bar kit comes into play. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on your clay bar kit before beginning this process. 
  • Polish To Perfection To make this step easier, make the minimal investment for a good quality polisher. It helps remove small surface imperfections and scratches while providing a pro-level shine to your vehicle. 
  • Use Synthetic Polymer Wax According to FamilyHandyman.com, using this particular type of wax provides a “wet-gloss” look and doesn’t leave a “white film” like some other waxes on the market. Yes, it’s a bit pricier than other waxes, but it’s definitely worth it. 
  • Work From the Top Down on the Inside Most people start the inside cleaning by shampooing the carpet – this is a mistake. Work from the top down and do the carpets last, so that you are removing all the dust and dirt that you already cleaned from the elevated areas.  

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Saving Hacks at Lee Nissan in Fort Walton Beach

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