Tips From The Pros To DIY Your Holiday Photos

family decorating dog for Christmas
If you plan on getting the family together for some group holiday photos, you don’t need a professional photographer to get the job done. Try out these expert tips for a DIY family photo session.

Set the Scene

It all starts by planning where you want to take the photos. That will help you determine what to wear, what to bring, and what to do next. The setting could be outdoors to showcase the seasonal beauty, at a location with significant family meaning, or even your own home. Be sure to keep the light source in front of your face. The light needs to shine in a way that doesn’t wash out the lens while still illuminating you and your family. If you have a light source behind you, everyone will appear shadowed will less detail, and the light could cause a halo effect around everything you meant to highlight.

Dress for the Occasion

The attire you and your family wear should match the tone you’re going for. A matching color scheme is fine, but don’t feel like you have to stick to a red and green motif for Christmas. Everything will look more natural if you don’t try to match too closely. It’s also important to make sure everyone is comfortable with what they’re going to wear. The clothing choices your family members make is a form of self expression, and the photos can record what their own style and interests were at the time.

Capture the Moment

It’s always a good idea to snap a few classic portrait shots, but while you’re all together, take the opportunity to capture some slice-of-life moments. Whether you’re out at the park or in the kitchen, take some photos of your family’s everyday interactions. The experts say that if everyone in front of the camera is just acting, that will likely be obvious to anyone who sees the pictures. If you’re using props like a toy or a book, have the family actively use or read it. If they’re engaged in what they’re doing, that will naturally translate into the final photos through their expressions and body language.

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