Upcycle Your Kid’s Old Toys Into Functional Storage

Young woman worker in workroom. Female carpenter using drill.

Whether your kids have outgrown their old toys or you’re just ready to upgrade their things, it doesn’t have to be out with the old when you try your hand at these upcycling projects!

Vintage-Style Basket Upcycle

If you’ve got an old Easter basket lying around, give it new life with this easy upcycling project. You’ll need a woven wicker easter basket, spray-on wood stain, scissors, an old leather belt, clips, super glue, brass tacks, and felt pads. To start, you’ll want to cut off the handle of the basket with heavy-duty scissors or shears. Then, take the basket outside and use spray-on wood stain to give the basket an instant boost of patina. Once the basket is dried, cut and attach an old leather belt vertically oriented around the front of the basket, securing it with super glue. Add felt pads to prevent scratching, and display it where everyone can see!

Upcycled Crip To Bike Rack

Though it’s not a toy, your kids’ old baby crib can be upcycled into a bike rack to keep everyone’s bikes out of the way in the garage. To accomplish this, take the rail side off of the crib and give it a good coat of paint if you’d like, this will be the part that holds the front tires. The base for the rack is made out of 1″x3″ boards, a few corner braces, 2-hole straps, and wood screws. Paint the base to be the same color as the rack Once the base is assembled, attach the rack and add few coat hooks to the top so that you can store extras like helmets, locks, or other bike accessories.

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Sandbox To Garden Bed Upcycle

Though this project is meant as an upcycle, you might just want to buy a new sandbox if you don’t have an old one to upcycle because this is such a great project! The kids can help you with a lot of the steps and they can help you tend to the mini garden all summer long! You’ll drill several drainage holes in the bottom, then line the sandbox with a weed barrier so that you only grow what you want to grow. The first layer of the filling should be fine layer gravel to help with drainage, then put a high-quality soil on top. Add your kids’ favorite fruits and veggies and help them grow this summer!

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