Does Your Battery Need Replacing?

Hands of a mechanic working on a car battery
It could happen to anyone. You’re getting into your car with plans for the day ahead only to realize that your car won’t start. Quite often, the culprit is a dead battery, and whatever plans you had made now have to be put on hold as you call up someone... [read more]

Homemade Ice Cream Without The Hassle

Bowl with scoops of vanilla ice cream
Trying to keep cool this summer? A cold dessert is a great way to chill out in this Florida heat, and making ice cream at home is easier than you might expect. Try this no-churn recipe for your own homemade ice cream. What You’ll Need Before you get started, you’ll have to... [read more]

Patriotic Crafts For Kids

child drawing a flag on a fourth of July craft
During the summer months, finding ways to fill up your kid's day with fun activities is a full-time job. However, late June and early July have the perfect focal point for all of your activities --- the Fourth of July. Throughout the next week, you can do lots of fun,... [read more]

Make Reservations For Ali’s Bistro

Rigatoni with Chicken and Marinara Sauce
If you’re in the mood for Italian food, you can enjoy a variety of delicious pastas, seafood standards, and more at Ali’s Bistro. Starters Before the entrees arrive, you can pique your appetite with any of the bistro’s appetizers. The soup of the day is always available in either a cup or... [read more]

When To Get Your Oil Changed

oil change
Changing the oil in your vehicle is a simple yet effective maintenance task. Sticking to a schedule will help ensure your car lasts longer. However, not all vehicles use the same oil or need oil changes at the same time. It’s essential to learn about what works best for your... [read more]

Headed To The Ballpark? Bring These Things

“Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd” buy me some... okay we all know the song. The weather is warm, which means it is time for outdoor sports and games. There are so many wonderful outdoor activities to enjoy in the summertime, but who... [read more]

See How You Can Help The Wounded Warrior Project

Family welcomes home a USA army soldier.
Memorial Day is only a week away. You might be planning to enjoy a cookout, spend time in a memorial park, visit a museum, or you may watch a Memorial Day parade. Another way that a lot of people choose to observe Memorial Day is to give back to our... [read more]

How To Season Your Grill

Smiling man seasoning meat on the grill
Everyone knows you need to season a new cast iron skillet when it's first purchased, but did you know that you need to follow a similar method when you purchase a new grill? To ensure your first batch of grilled veggies and meat taste great, follow this guide to season... [read more]

See What Makes The Sentra Stand Above The Crowd

Nissan Sentra
Are you searching for a sedan that offers attractive features, advanced technology, and an array of safety features? If you are, then you need to drop by Lee Nissan Fort Walton Beach and take a look at the 2022 Nissan Sentra. The 2022 Sentra impresses with a wide range of premium... [read more]

Have Fun Under The Sun With These Games

Beautiful Family of Four Play Catch Toy Ball with Happy Golden Retriever Dog on the Backyard Lawn. Idyllic Family Has Fun with Loyal Pedigree Dog Outdoors in Summer House Backyard.
Let the outdoor games begin! It’s almost summertime and what's more fun than having family or friends over for a game night? Outdoor style. Whether you want to have a cookout, graduation party, or just want to enjoy the weather, these games are sure to mix up your outdoor gathering.... [read more]