7 Signs You Need New Brakes

Brakes being serviced by a repair technician
Even if your car was built with all kinds of tech-savvy safety equipment, the most important one of all is the most basic: the brakes. All of the collision avoidance and warning sensors in the world can't help you if your brakes don't work well. Your safety and that of... [read more]

Check Off This List When Purchasing A Pre-Owned Vehicle

A couple sitting inside a vehicle at a car dealership
Everyone is looking to save money. And when you're shopping for a big-ticket item like a vehicle, it's even more important to grab those savings wherever you can find them. That's what draws many car shoppers to search for a used vehicle rather than one that's hot off the production... [read more]

How Has Nissan Changed Since The 1930s?

A teal 1970s Datsun/Nissan sedan
Today, you know Nissan as an internationally successful and popular automotive brand, and there's a good chance you drive one yourself! But how much do you know about Nissan's heritage and history? Allow us to take you on a road trip down Nissan's memory lane. The Early Years Nissan as we know... [read more]

Stay Cool This Summer With These Air Conditioner Tips

Casual woman driving a car on highway and looking into rear view mirror.
Climbing into a hot car after a day out running errands, sitting in a chilled office, or getting some exercise outdoors is downright uncomfortable. Use these five tips to cool your car down quickly this summer! 1. Don't Pre-Cool Though you can pre-heat your car in the winter, pre-cooling won't get you... [read more]

The Nissan Sentra Is The Perfect Compact Sedan For You!

Blue 2020 Nissan Sentra parked at a curb
It sometimes seems like the automotive landscape has become overrun with SUVs to the exclusion of all other types of vehicles. Fortunately, that's not actually the case. Nothing will ever completely overshadow the market for a really good compact car. If that's what you're shopping for, you need to check... [read more]

Spring Cleaning Car Hacks

Handwashing a red car with soap and sponge
It’s springtime and that means you might be doing a little cleaning here and there. Maybe the garage, the attic, and the porch? Well, don’t forget to throw in a thorough cleaning of your car, truck, van, or SUV.  We’ve teamed up with good folks at FamilyHandyman.com to provide you with... [read more]

The Nissan Murano: Your Next Family SUV

2020 The Nissan Murano
You wouldn’t know it when you are out driving on the roads these days, but there was a time in the not so distant past where there was nary a crossover SUV in sight. It’s true. Cars, trucks, and big, bulky off-road SUVs were what you saw when you made... [read more]

Check Out The Nissan Frontier

2020 Nissan Frontier
For those that desire the capability and benefits of a truck, but don’t need a full size version, this midsize or compact truck is the perfect option. While offering less horsepower, towing, and cargo space than a full-size truck, a midsize option offers better gas mileage, easier parking, and still... [read more]

Get To Know The Nissan Kicks!

Exterior of a 2020 Nissan Kicks in black
If you're in the market for a feature-rich subcompact SUV that delivers big in all the most important ways, you're going to love the Nissan Kicks. A relative newcomer to the Nissan lineup, the Kicks debuted for the 2018 model year and has since gained an enthusiastic base of loyal... [read more]

Lee Nissan Wants To Buy Your Car!

Nissan Kicks
If you've got an extra vehicle in your driveway we've got you covered - Lee Nissan Fort Walton Beach will buy your old car! The process can be done completely from your home, making it easier than ever to sell your vehicle. How It Works Selling your vehicle to us is easy,... [read more]