4 Fall Crafts For Kids

Kids making crafts with fall leaves

Kids love crafts, and parents love keeping kids busy. These two universal truths make a goldmine out of easy craft ideas that your kids will love. Whether you’re putting them to work painting googly-eyed paper jack-o’-lanterns or making a sweet treat into an adorable monster, these ideas from Country Living are surefire winners.

Cotton Candy Monsters

Part snack, part craft – all fun. These cute creatures will let your kids exercise their creativity while indulging their sweet tooth. Start by making cupcakes of your choosing (nothing fancy required; a simple boxed mix will do just fine). When the cakes are cool, plunk down some cotton candy and a few edible accessories on your workspace and have the kids design their own monster cupcake topper. Cotton candy is easily moldable, making it simple to create horns, noses, and faces of all shapes and sizes. Use marshmallows, chocolate chips, and bits of licorice to finish off these not-so-spooky ghouls.

Leaf Ghosts

Talk about using found objects to make art! This craft is all about the leaves that are currently obscuring every square inch of your yard. Send the kids outside to gather their favorite fallen leaves and then set to work making those leaves into ghosts. All you need is white paint and a black marker for the eyes. When they’re dry, string them on a garland or scatter them along a Halloween-themed table for fanciful decor.

Paper Plate Pumpkins

This simple craft is a great way to keep little ones happily occupied. Orange paper plates are just begging to be adorned with jack-o’-lantern faces, aren’t they? Make it happen by cutting out an assortment of eyes, noses, and mouths from black construction paper. Your kids can design their own pumpkin face, using a glue stick to secure the face parts just where they want them. Finish off with a green construction paper stem, and you’ve got a cute, hassle-free craft for all ages.

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Pinecone Bird Feeder

This one is a classic for a reason. It’s not only fun to make, but it’s fun to watch the birds enjoy the fruits of your labor! All it takes is a pinecone (again, just a quick trip to your yard will yield the goods), some peanut butter, and birdseed. Spread peanut butter all over the cone, sprinkle abundantly with the seed, and tie a ribbon or string around the narrow end to use as a hanger. Then let your kids choose the perfect spot outside your windows to hang your homemade feeder and keep an eye on it as birds discover the tasty treat.