Beach Chairs Worth Buying This Summer

Couple sitting on the beach in beach chairs

Let’s be honest, dinky beach store chairs never last and you could spend a fortune replacing them every year. You want reliable beach chairs to serve you comfort and durability year after year. So, Good Housekeeping decided to collect information on the best beach and camping chairs — just for you!

Below we have rounded up the top five beach chairs that include a wide range of features to fit every need. These five chairs come with features such as multi-position recliners that can adjust to your tanning needs or back pain. Or, perhaps you want straps to make the perfect chair more portable, maybe you need more sun protection with a sunshade, or you want a certain chair height to allow easier transitioning. Whatever your ideal chair requirements may be, these recommendations are based on customer reviews, so rest assured you will find a chair worth buying.

Beach Recliner with Shade

As the overall best beach chair, Shelterlogic designed this chair for comfort and protection. For $49.99, you can get a multi-recliner chair with three different settings — back straps for easy portability, a canopy for sun shelter, and a head pillow that can easily be used for your lower back. Everything you want is neatly collapsed and slung over your back for the perfect beach day.

Utopia Breeze Beach Chair

Splashed with a stream of colors, this traditional-looking beach chair is anything but conventional. Named the best value beach chair, Colman sells this fun beach chair for around $50.00. While it does not include a recliner, customers love its lightweight structure that holds up to 250 pounds. In addition to the chair’s strong steel frame, it has a backseat pocket, cup holder, and it sits low to the ground similar to a standard beach chair.

Lace-Up Backpack Beach Chair

Coming in at number three is Rio Brands lace-up backpack beach chair, which is one of the best backpack beach chairs for around $60.00. Its aluminum frame allows for a rust-free chair and is lightweight, and mobile with padded, adjustable straps. Although this chair does not have a canopy, it does have a 4 position recline, fabulous for tanning.

Low Gravity Beach Chair

Folks with lower back discomfort adore this chair. Strongback designed this chair, and it retails for around $69.95. Even though it may seem pricy, customers love this chair for its lumbar support, comfort, and capacity of 300 pounds.

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Oversized Beach Chair

Finally, is the best large beach chair by Guide Gear. Fantastic for camping or the beach, this large chair has two cup holders and storage pockets, a weight capacity of 500 pounds, and it sits 20 inches from the ground!

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