Boost Your Trade-In Value

Woman shopping for a vehicle with dealership salesperson

Summer is the ideal time to trade your vehicle for a new one. Demand is high during the summer months, so dealerships offer top dollar for trades. Timing the trade is just one way to maximize the value, though. Check out some additional things you can do to boost your trade-in value.

Start By Checking the Value

Knowing the value of the trade-in is important before heading to the dealership. Then, you’ll know if the offer is less than the car is worth. Use a tool like Kelley Blue Book to find the current trade-in value of your vehicle. Be honest when assessing your vehicle’s condition to get an accurate estimate.

Address Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems will reduce the trade-in value, so it’s worth spending some to fix them. While you might not want to tackle expensive repairs, you can fix minor issues that could reduce the value. If you aren’t sure if a problem will be easy to fix, take your car to a mechanic and get an estimate. If it’s a simple and affordable fix, get it done to increase the value.

Also, see if the manufacturer has announced any recalls recently. If so, you can take it to the dealership and get it fixed for free. This will also help you get more money for the trade.

Detail the Car

Detailing your car before taking it to the dealership can also increase its value. Clean it inside and out so it sparkles and shines. This will make a great first impression and help you maximize the trade-in value.

Gather Your Receipts

Do you keep receipts for maintenance and repairs? Gather them up and bring them with you to the dealership. These receipts will show the dealership that you stay on top of the car’s maintenance needs. That, in turn, will help you get more for the trade.

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Negotiate the Trade and Purchase Separately

You probably normally negotiate the value of the trade and the price of the new car at the same time. However, it’s hard to maximize your trade-in value when you combine the process. The dealer might inflate the price of the new car to make it look like you got more for your trade-in than you really did. By separating the two, you can go into each negotiation with a specific goal. Then, you can get the best deal for the trade and the new car.

While getting the best deal for your trade-in sounds complicated, it’s easy when you use Lee Nissan in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. You can begin by using the online trade-in evaluation tool. This will give you an estimate of how much you can expect to get. Then, bring your vehicle in for us to appraise it in person. We will be happy to value your trade-in before you pick out a new car, so you can negotiate both separately. Stop by to begin the process today.

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