Have Fun In The Sun This Summer

Father with daughter playing with kite

Living in Fort Walton comes with numerous perks, including easy beach access. While lounging on the sand and playing in the water is fun, you can get bored after a few hours. So instead of doing the same old things at the beach, add some fun activities this summer. Let’s go over some of the best games to play at the beach.

Play a Round of Beach Golf

You can turn the sand into a mini-golf course this summer. You need a set of plastic golf clubs, plastic balls, and some targets for this activity. Don’t worry about buying targets. You can dig holes in the sand if you wish. Then play a few rounds during your trip to the beach.

If you want to increase the difficulty, use your beach gear for obstacles. You can set up towels, toys, bags, and more on the course. Then, it’ll feel like you’re on a real miniature golf course.

Race for the Finish Line During a Water Relay

Have your kids ever held a water bucket relay race in your backyard? You can increase the fun by having a water relay at the beach. Hand your kids a large shell or a plastic cup, and have them take off toward the water. They’ll fill the shells or cups with water, bring them back to the bucket, and empty the water. Then they’ll keep going until the first one fills the bucket. This is such a fun challenge. It’s hard to navigate the sand without spilling the water, so you’ll see your kids concentrate like never before.

Fly a Kite

Nothing brings joy to a child quite like flying a kite. The beach is the ideal spot for flying kites because of the breeze that comes off the water. You can load the entire family up with kites or watch your kids as they fly them up and down the beach. Either way, there will be smiles all around.

Go Bowling

You can pick up a plastic bowling set and try to land some strikes at the beach. The sand creates a bumpy path to the pins, adding an extra challenge. Consider letting the young kids stand a little closer to the pins so it’ll be a fair competition.

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Battle it Out at Tug of War

Tug of war is always fun, but it’s more thrilling on the beach. Draw the line at the edge of the water, divide the players into two teams, and have everyone grab the rope. The teams will tug and pull, trying to force the other side over the line. The losing team might end up in the water, which is sure to draw some squeals of laughter.

These beach games are all easy to set up and play, and kids love them. Whether you want the kids to occupy themselves or you’re looking for family fun, these games will do the trick.