Why You Should Keep Your Tires Rotated

Changing tires

Advanced technology and durable Nissan vehicles make being a vehicle owner a true breeze. Although, that doesn’t give you a pass on routine vehicle maintenance, especially services like tire rotations. While today’s tires are equipped to take action on the road while conquering the countless potholes and bumps we drive upon, if your tires aren’t properly rotated, they will wear down. After all, no one likes being stranded on the road on their way to work, school, or a social event, right? Find out why you should keep your tires rotated.

Why Do We Rotate Our Tires?

We get it — you know a tire rotation service is something you are supposed to schedule ever so often, but you are unsure really why. Not only will rotating your tires extend their lifeline, which saves you money, but the service also ensures your vehicle rides evenly. If your handling is off-balance, while operating your vehicle, it will veer right or left.

Not to forget, when driving on uneven or wet conditions, if your tires are lacking tread, it can be dangerous. Besides keeping your vehicle safe and prolonging your them as long as possible, if your tires are under warranty, routine tire rotations are required.

How it’s Done

The service is pretty simple, as a professional technician will transfer the location of the tires, switching them from one position on the vehicle to another. For example, the front tires would be moved to the rear, and vice versa.

How Often Should You Have Your Tires Rotated?

While every vehicle is different, a good rule of thumb when scheduling a tire rotation service is every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. When in doubt, always open your handy dandy owner’s manual — the book you have tucked away in your glove box!

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High-Quality, Simple, and Affordable Vehicle Maintenance

Wondering when the last time was you had your tires rotated? Head over to Lee Nissan in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for a quick and simple tire rotation service. Our team is eager to serve you and prolong those pricy tires on your vehicle!

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