Keep The Kids Busy With These Turkey Day Activities

Kid holding paper garland with text Give thanks. Children decorating living room for celebrating Thanksgiving day.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, most people spend a good chunk of their day in the kitchen! It usually is not as stressful until you add kids into the mix. It can be pretty hard to keep your little angel entertained and out of the kitchen on the one day where the kitchen is the main hub of your home. These Turkey Day Activities will keep them happy and out of the way so you can ensure you don’t burn the Turkey or leave the oven on!

Turkey Tail Napkin Rings

Here is a DIY Craft that can also serve as décor for your table! This not only will keep your little ones entertained, but it will also make them feel incredibly special seeing their piece of art on display on the dinner table. These Turkey Tail Napkin Rings hardly take any skill or incredible crafting expertise. Basically, if you can print, cut, and fold a paper fan you are good to go! Your little ones will love getting to color these and watch as the final product looks like a turkey!

Thanksgiving Kids’ Table Game

If you’re wanting to limit the amount of mess you have to clean up afterward, you can try placing a table game at their designated table. This will ensure they are kept busy for a few hours and will leave them sitting down, hardly making any mess, and happy! This table game is one you have to DIY beforehand, but it will pay off on the big day when you can cook in peace!

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“I’m Grateful For…”

Most people do this as a tradition on Thanksgiving where you go around and say what you are thankful or grateful for! A way to spice it up for the kids, keep them entertained, and keep them happy is to incorporate that idea onto a coloring sheet. Kids will be able to write, color, and get creative with this sheet as they reflect on what they are thankful for. This may not keep them entertained for hours and hours, but it sure will keep them entertained while you are prepping the food!

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